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Product Producer

Eric is a valued member of our team. He works hard with enthusiasm and positivity. Eric has always dreamed of making his own clothes. Helping Nicho has been a huge opportunity and has been a huge learning curve for him. "Without Eric, I never would have come this far. I hope to continue working with him and help him achieve his dream as well." -Nicho



Growing up, Nicho has always been into fashion. Creating his own clothes always seemed like a fantasy to him, he never imagined it would come true. He's truly thankful for all of the support he's received from his family, friends, and followers. "I don't know what I'd do without everyone!" -Nicho

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Michael is a childhood friend of Nicho. He has always been into cinematography and video editing. Michael has a ton of experience within his field and is highly trusted by Nicho. "Michael has been my number one guy for any video idea I have. He's always been able to make my visions come to life." -Nicho

Meet The Team: Meet The Team
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